About Us

Tirumala Srinivasa Marriages have Quality and Capability of making the wedding event with which you begin your new life together with the most memorable the greatest Wedding Day , and the most delightful wedding of life. 


The Tirumala Srinivasa Marriages was established in 2009 by Mr.Srinivas the proprietor. Srinivas having an experience of more than 10 years in organizing weddings, plan for the wedding, flower Decorations, catering services, hiring kalyana mandapams (Marriage Halls) E.t.c.

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Now A wedding day the Tirumala Srinivasa Marriages take care of making the wedding as the most unforgettable moment in the life with no exception of services. Now just stop biting nails and shoot the bull's eye with a call.


We are proud to say that we are the everest destination for wedding planner and catering services in TIRUMALA. We all include in marriage hall decoration, kalyana mandapam flower decoration, reception decoration, melam (Nadaswaram), purohit, tables & chairs, kalyana mandapam booking with accommodation all marriage arrangements arranged in TIRUMALA. 

The Tirumala Srinivasa Marriages assure to make your dreams come true with affordable budget as we want  everyone to carry smiles on faces after the heart's content wedding ceremony


* Providing the excellency of converting the big wedding day into the greatest day at the footsteps of TIRUMALA.

* Maintain an excellent working relationship with vendors.

* Competitive pricing with an unbeaten quality of services.

Professional at all the occasion.

* Provide our clients need promptly and efficiently.

* Be one in every of the simplest wedding planner specialists within the TIRUMALA.

* Stress-free and handy wedding planning and co-ordination.

* Business Promotion to vendor’s company.

* Manufacture constant quality results on every occasion.

* Place along each wedding of our clients- a really distinctive & unforgettable event.

* Produce higher than the simplest & try for the complete satisfaction of our clients.


We are longing to receive a call from the vendor to make your big wedding day to the greatest and the most memorable moment in life.